To start off with, residential window cleaning is such big business these days thanks to the fact that there are so many residential cleaners are operating in our city. There are a few good reasons why there are so many window cleaners right now. As more and more people seek to escape the routine of working for another person, jobs such as residential window cleaners are becoming more appealing. Since there are now almost five thousand independent window cleaners in the country today, there have been a number of studies done in order to try and determine why people are taking up window cleaning. A survey conducted last year stated that the number one reason why window cleaning worker liked their job was because they didn’t have a boss. There are actually very few work opportunities out there for people to work without the need of a central management unit, but window washing is one of them. Of course, there are many large window washing agencies like www.sonlighwindow.com, but even though the agency has management, workers are still free to work as they wish. People working in a window washing agency can choose to work just a few hours a week, or they can work all the over time they like. Window washing agencies also provide their workers with the freedom of choosing what areas they wish to work in, which allows most window washers to work within the same communities in which they live. As long as window washing remains such a major source of work for all kinds of people that enjoy the opportunities window washing affords them, there will be plenty of window washing services for anyone that wants them.

Window washers for homes are also very popular at the current time because of the thriving economy which allows people to hire more residential services. Whenever the economy is truly doing well the number of home services always goes way up. Right now there are a near record number of maids, cooks and cleaners working in homes all over the country. The number of people with residential services goes up whenever the country has a strong economy because people simply have more extra cash they can use to spend on services which may be considered a luxury. The average American actually prefers home help services over expensive cars and vacations to exotic places. Home help services like window washing also go up because when the economy is strong, people have a lot of work to do and can´t afford to spend the extra time needed to clean their homes as much as they could during slower periods. The more people you see washing windows in the community, the better the country as a whole is doing. In periods with stagnant economic growth, car and boat companies are not the first areas of industry to shrink; it is actually the home service area that is hit first and hardest. More people working at jobs like window washing means a better quality of life for all.