Why ‘Cut’ is So Important When it Comes to Diamond Jewelry?

Color. Clarity. Carat. Cut.

They are the famous 4 Cs of diamonds.

Almost everyone who has ever bought a diamond or has thought about buying one knows about this industry criteria which makes up for the collective characteristics of a diamond.diamond jewelry

Color makes up for the shade that a diamond has to offer, or a lack of it. Less means more in this aspect, where less color translates to a higher quality or “grade” of diamond.

Clarity is self-explanatory, since it refers to how clear a diamond is on a visual inspection. If there are any visible spots within the diamond, then its quality decreases.

Carat is often deemed as one of the most talked about qualities in a diamond. It refers to a diamond’s actual weight, but not the size. A higher weight corresponds to a better quality of diamond.

Whereas, cut is what makes a diamond sparkle in its signature manner. The term refers to the way a diamond has been cut, which is correlated with its sparkle and shine. While carat is the most talked about factor within general perception, it is the cut that actually brings out the best qualities in a diamond.

And when said diamond has to be set in diamond jewelry, it gets all the more profound to find a diamond that is deservedly cut like the precious stone that it is.

Why Cut is So Important in Diamond Jewelry?

Cut holds the utmost importance of the 4 Cs when it comes to contributing to a diamond’s appearance.

Even if a diamond has no color, boasts of immense clarity, and holds a high carat weight, those qualities can be outshone by a poor cut, since it would make a diamond look like a dull stone.

On the other hand, diamonds that are slightly compromising in other departments can still achieve the classic look and “sparkle” associated with a diamond just through the way that they are cut.

That is why, it is important for a diamond’s cut to be taken into account while designing and buying diamond jewelry, especially diamond engagement rings, where the diamond and its price is the center of attention. Wedding bands and custom jewelry that use diamonds are also where a diamond’s cut needs to be considered.


How to Make Sure You Are Getting the Best Cut for Diamonds That are Set in Jewelry?

First of all, make sure that you are buying your diamonds from a dealer or jewelry designer who holds a respectable reputation in your area. For instance, if you are in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, then make sure you visit a designer whose jewelry Baton Rouge citizens have come to trust over the years.

From there, make sure to examine the pre-made or custom engagement rings, custom wedding bands or any other custom jewelry that they have to offer, and compare them for the cut and the sparkle that they bring.

Don’t hesitate to discuss the details with the jewelry designer, since they would be able to guide you regarding the cut. However, no matter what, don’t make yourself compromise by buying a dull diamond only because the designer recommends it. Go for a diamond that shows off its signature sparkle in all its glory, since you wouldn’t be investing in such a precious purchase repeatedly.


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