Tips to Prevent Emergency Extractions

Imagine this.
You are going about a usual day of work. Everything is going well. You are making progress on your target for the day and nothing seems to be stopping you.

Things are good. Even the very idea is enough to keep you grinning the whole day.

But that is when it strikes.

You have a sudden ache in your tooth, which is so bad that you have to run to an emergency dentist.

The dentist does a thorough check up on you, but the verdict that you get is something that you weren’t expecting in the slightest.

You have to get emergency extractions, it is certainly no fun.

The day turns from a bundle of glee to a box full of nervousness. The emergency dentist assures you that even though the dental extractions are being done due to tooth decay, they will be done carefully and you could get dental implants afterwards. But knowing that you could have prevented this just leaves you feeling gloomy. emergency extractions

In order to make sure that you do not put yourself through such a situation, follow these tips to maintain your dental hygiene to the best of your ability.


Make Sure to Stay Away from Soda

It is not just a myth, but a fact that soda or carbonated drinks can contribute to tooth decay, which could lead to emergency extractions, dental crowns, and dental root canals among other medical procedures.

Thus, get that soda out of your diet and replace it with a healthier alternative. If you have to consume sugar, make sure that you clean your teeth afterwards.


Minimize the Intake of Citrus Based Foods

While soda is high in sugar content, citrus is high in acidity. Whether you have just munched on an orange or two or have just gotten done with a glass of lemonade, make sure that you at least rinse your mouth with water afterwards so the acidic content doesn’t hurt your teeth.

Citrus is high in vitamin C, so do not take it out of your diet altogether. But taking would be necessary if you want your teeth to shine for a long time.


Stay Away from Candy Bars

Candy bars can be the Achilles’ heel for many of us. No matter how health conscious we can try to be, a good taste of a milk chocolate is enough to lure anyone to the dark side.

But since candy bars do not really provide any health benefits, make sure that you minimize their intake or eradicate them from your diet altogether. And ensure to clean your teeth thoroughly the day you do give in to a candy bar.


Don’t Take Kindly to Ice

Some of us have the habit to chew on ice chips especially during the summer. Newsflash: it can be really bad for your teeth.

While ice doesn’t contain any sort of citrus, sugar or candy content, its hard form can be detrimental to your teeth. The habit of chewing ice can result in broken, chipped, or damaged enamel. Thus, whatever you do, keep it away from your pearly whites to keep them intact.


Have Regular Dental Checkups to Avoid Emergency Extractions

Most of the time, emergency extractions do not happen out of nowhere and have months or years of tooth decay behind them. Therefore, ensure to consult with dental clinic Memphis citizens have come to trust, and make it a habit to have regular visits at a dental clinic such as the Wohrman Dental Group.

Doing so will ensure that you are aware of any red flags. This way, you can address them in a timely manner before they become too problematic and cause you to end up having emergency extractions.