Licensed Contractor


During post-storm cleaning, unsuspecting consumers may be easy prey without a license whose offers will almost inevitably be much smaller than the bids of licensed contractors. The strong appeal of saving money can be overwhelming, but buyers should be careful. The cheapest contractor available may be the one that will cost the most in the long run.

Here are few tips on how to get a reliable licensed contractor.

Be there on time
The best contractors are usually already occupied for a long time in advance. Structural contractors are often fully booked up to a year in advance. Certainly the smaller structural contractors, the so-called one or two-man firms. But that also applies to contractors who later cross your paths, such as roofers, the chopper or the sticker.

Do not let this put you off in any way. Because the more time you have before you start, the more offers you can request and visits you can bring to showrooms and reference homes. In that case, keep an eye on the total financial picture. If you have to start faster for some reason, make your choice extra carefully.

Take your time
Do not go on ice overnight if you have to decide. The price is important, but also the quality that the contractor delivers. A very low price is often just too good to be true. And more expensive is not always better. Another reason why you should not rush.

Are you almost 100% sure of your choice, but is the contractor already fully booked in the coming months? Then it is probably worth the wait if your situation allows.

References, references, and other references
Put your ear to listen as much as possible. Word-of-mouth advertising works better than ever. Do the round and look for experiences in your immediate environment. Your friends and acquaintances probably have many tips ready. Both good and less good contractors go quickly over the tongues. Are you going for an alternative construction technique? In that case, be sure to inform yourself as well.

Reputation, professional competence, and experience are important starting points. Request references, visit some houses that the contractor has built and inquired with the owners about their experiences. And possibly bring them a visit. Because even if the end result is flawless, the cooperation may not have been that. Even if it is a direct reference from your architect.

Use the web, but be critical
Online you can often find reviews with comments about companies and contractors. Based on those experiences, you may already be able to form an initial picture. Always weigh these reactions well. A large firm with many assignments may get a less positive assessment sooner, but that does not mean that it is necessarily an unreliable construction partner.

Member of professional organizations?
For example, companies that are members of the Construction Confederation receive a standard contract that fully complies with the Breyne housing legislation. A contractor who is a member of the professional organization receives professional support.

Indication, but no guarantee
All this is an indication of the reliability of the contractor, but certainly no guarantee. Moreover, contractors who do not have the necessary documents can also do a good job and vice versa.

Compare offers and agree
Do you have a number of potential contractors in mind? Important: ask for sufficient offers and do not compare apples with pears. Do not forget the fine print. Only in this way you get a good view of the correct prices. Too complicated? Many architects are happy to help you to put your offers next to each other.

Contractors are logically very busy with their day job. Many companies, therefore, have to work on their offers after the hours. A good tip: keep in touch by telephone. Mails are quickly lost in a packed work schedule.

Once your quotation is finished, ask whether you can also discuss it personally. In this way, you immediately get a first impression of the person you might work with. Many contractors will already propose this themselves. It is also possible that he invites you before he prepares the quotation. It is certainly smart to go into this. Maybe he has extra tips in store?

Had contractor chosen? Keep thinking logically
After a thoughtful search, you have signed an agreement with your contractor. Keep your head in mind and keep in mind that something can still go wrong.

Do not pay excessive advances
Be careful with cash: do not pay large amounts with cash, and make sure you always have proof of payment. Paying in black is illegal and you do not have a recourse if defects arise afterward. Therefore we encourage you to consider the Custom Garage Company.