The way in which a modern roofing contractor operates will depend to a great extent on the kind of roofer he or she is. The average person is unware of just how many different sectors of roofing there are within the larger category of roofers. Given the importance of the roofing industry for so many people, we thought we would take a brief look at a few different kinds of roofing contractors, and how each of them operates. Of course, there is no better way to learn more about the roofing industry than to talk directly with a roofing expert. In our community we have a number of large roofing agencies whose online sites such as,, can provide more detail about different types of roofers and how they go about their roofing operations today.

An industrial roofing service usually works with the building contractor when a new construction project is getting underway. Unlike other kinds of roofers, the industrial roofer works with the main contractor from the very start of a new job. The reason why industrial roofers work from the beginning with the main contraction company is simply because industrial building projects require assistance from all different building construction sectors in order to come up with a blueprint for a new project which will function properly in all different areas. Huge construction jobs can’t be designed and executed by just one team, the cooperation of many different contractors is required.

Residential roofing contractors work in a very different way than industrial roofers. The modern residential roofing contractor is one man or woman who owns a large amount of roofing equipment and who has the contacts with the local community to get roofing jobs. The roofing contractor that works with homes tends to focus on repair, as that is the best way to make money and service a large number of clients. The contractor will hire out roofers to take on the jobs which the contractor gets. A small time roofing contractor may have just a few roofers, whereas major roofing contractors may have dozens of roofers working for him at once. The job of the residential roofing contractor is not actually to make the repairs the clients need, but rather to get the contract for the roofing jobs, and then pass them along to the roofing crews which he employs. The fact that residential roofing contractors can take on as much work as they can find makes residential roofing a very lucrative business with a high level of competition. The downside of the contracting business is that the roofing contractor is almost always the one who has to take responsibility for roofing problems that might occur after a roofing job is finished. Roofing contractors have to have a lot of faith in the skills of their roofers, or they could end up going back to one previous job and the next trying to repair the same problems over and over. The most successful roofing contractors have the most able roof repair workers on their staff.