Home automation is a relatively new area on the market, as just twenty years ago hardly anyone had heard of, or knew what home automation meant. Today, there are around seventy major companies operating across the country which provide home automation products, as well as instillation of home automation systems. People who want to have home automation technology in their homes today can simply visit online sites such as, www.avconnectonline.com, or visit a local home automation agency in their town or city, something which wouldn’t have been possible a decade ago. Since home automation is more or less anew field, but one which draws in millions of dollars, what many people want to know is exactly who are the companies who took over and became the backbone of the modern home automation field. Below we will take a look at a few of the largest home automation providers in the country, and how they go under way in the business.

One of the largest home automaton providers in the country was an audio equipment maker until the late 90’s. A large speaker and entertainment company out of LA was among the first to realize what a huge deal automation was going to be in the future, and act fast in order to get a piece of the pie. The speaker company began to produce home audio systems which were able be voice activated, so users could change songs and albums with just their voice commands. The technology used to combine other areas of home automation with speaker systems is actually accredited with a lot of the success that early automation systems had. Before automation had become a common term in households across the country, people had already discovered the new speaker systems which could be controlled by voices.

Another major car company was actually one of the major players to get deeply involved in the home automation industry. The Japanese based car company began to buy and develop automation technology that they hoped to use in their automobiles. Automation for cars didn’t turn out to be something that a large number of people were interested in back in the 80’s, but much of the technology developed by the car company was later transferred into home automation systems. That Japanese car company went on to establish another company that only produces home automation systems, and is still to this day, one of the largest home automation agencies in the world.

The final major player to take a piece of the home automation pie early on was actually the US government. The government has its own technology development center from which many things are created that later are sold to the general public. During the late 70’s and early 80’s, the development branch of the US government was working on defense systems which could operate on their own, with no human command center. A lot of the technology created in the process of the development of this defense technology went on to be sold to the general public as features for home automation systems, many of which are still sold today.


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