4 Reasons to Look into Clear Bra Coating for Your Car

Whether you are a new car owner or have owned your own vehicle since a few years, you must have come across the terms paint protection film (PPF) and clear bra a few times by now.

Made out of thermoplastic urethane (TPU), clear bra is a flexible, protective coating that is installed over your car to protect it against minor abrasions and scratches. This makes sure that your car remains protected against such exposures underneath the coating.Clean Bra

If you haven’t installed clear bra coating over your car yet, here are a few reasons why you should look into it.



  1. It Offers Ample Protection Against Minor Scratches

Ever had a stone chip hit your car and leave a small scratch that you wish you could have avoided? Clear bra is the answer to those silent prayers.

The TPU material is soft enough to stretch over your car, but it is sturdy enough to protect it against minor scratches and small abrasions. This makes it ideal as a protective agent for your car through its every day drive. This way, you don’t have to regret not having any protection when your car gets a minor scratch the next time.

  1. It Is Easy to Clean and Maintain

Having clear bra over your car doesn’t make it harder to clean. In fact, it doesn’t change a thing from how you would clean your car otherwise. It remains easy to clean and maintain, while also providing you with the added protection that you seek.

This makes it a very convenient option for those who like to keep their car clean everyday while also wanting to protect it against exposure. If you are one such person, then clear bra is what you need.

  1. It Maintains Your Car’s Value Over the Years

You may think of PPF or clear bra as having a case over your phone but without the added hassle of hiding your car’s actual exteriors. The coating helps keep your car good as new over the years.

This means that whenever you are about to trade it in, you can simply take the clear bra coating off of it and provide it in optimal condition to your new buyer. This helps you maintain your car’s value and decreases the effects of cost depreciation due to its exterior.

  1. It Minimizes Maintenance Costs

Protection against minor scratches and abrasions also translates to minimal maintenance costs.

It’s because the less you have to visit the garage to tend to these minor issues such as small dent repair, the less you actually have to spend on your car’s exterior maintenance. That actually more than covers the cost of installing the clear bra by itself, since the material and its installation isn’t anywhere as expensive as you may think it may be.

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In order to learn how PPF or clear bra can help you specifically or what the cost of installing this solution may be, do not hesitate from reaching out to Auto Image 360 today.

As a reliable provider of clear bra installation, hail repair, and paintless dent repair (PDR), Auto Image 360 can help you maintain your car’s exterior in an optimal manner, without costing you a fortune for these auto body services.


Why ‘Cut’ is So Important When it Comes to Diamond Jewelry?

Color. Clarity. Carat. Cut.

They are the famous 4 Cs of diamonds.

Almost everyone who has ever bought a diamond or has thought about buying one knows about this industry criteria which makes up for the collective characteristics of a diamond.diamond jewelry

Color makes up for the shade that a diamond has to offer, or a lack of it. Less means more in this aspect, where less color translates to a higher quality or “grade” of diamond.

Clarity is self-explanatory, since it refers to how clear a diamond is on a visual inspection. If there are any visible spots within the diamond, then its quality decreases.

Carat is often deemed as one of the most talked about qualities in a diamond. It refers to a diamond’s actual weight, but not the size. A higher weight corresponds to a better quality of diamond.

Whereas, cut is what makes a diamond sparkle in its signature manner. The term refers to the way a diamond has been cut, which is correlated with its sparkle and shine. While carat is the most talked about factor within general perception, it is the cut that actually brings out the best qualities in a diamond.

And when said diamond has to be set in diamond jewelry, it gets all the more profound to find a diamond that is deservedly cut like the precious stone that it is.

Why Cut is So Important in Diamond Jewelry?

Cut holds the utmost importance of the 4 Cs when it comes to contributing to a diamond’s appearance.

Even if a diamond has no color, boasts of immense clarity, and holds a high carat weight, those qualities can be outshone by a poor cut, since it would make a diamond look like a dull stone.

On the other hand, diamonds that are slightly compromising in other departments can still achieve the classic look and “sparkle” associated with a diamond just through the way that they are cut.

That is why, it is important for a diamond’s cut to be taken into account while designing and buying diamond jewelry, especially diamond engagement rings, where the diamond and its price is the center of attention. Wedding bands and custom jewelry that use diamonds are also where a diamond’s cut needs to be considered.


How to Make Sure You Are Getting the Best Cut for Diamonds That are Set in Jewelry?

First of all, make sure that you are buying your diamonds from a dealer or jewelry designer who holds a respectable reputation in your area. For instance, if you are in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, then make sure you visit a designer whose jewelry Baton Rouge citizens have come to trust over the years.

From there, make sure to examine the pre-made or custom engagement rings, custom wedding bands or any other custom jewelry that they have to offer, and compare them for the cut and the sparkle that they bring.

Don’t hesitate to discuss the details with the jewelry designer, since they would be able to guide you regarding the cut. However, no matter what, don’t make yourself compromise by buying a dull diamond only because the designer recommends it. Go for a diamond that shows off its signature sparkle in all its glory, since you wouldn’t be investing in such a precious purchase repeatedly.


Visit Cut Fine Jewelers for the Best Cut Diamonds Baton Rouge Has to Offer

Established in 2014 by the fourth generation legacy of a family owned diamond business that exists for over 70 years, Cut Fine Jewelers is a state of the art dealer and designer of diamonds Baton Rouge citizens have come to trust.

With an emphasis on providing the best of designers from all around the world that the diamond industry has to offer, and with custom design tools at its disposal such as its CUTSketch program, Cut Fine Jewelers stands above the rest of its competition.

Thus, whether you are looking to buy diamond engagement rings, diamond wedding bands, or any other diamond jewelry, do not hesitate from reaching out to Cut Fine Jewelers today.

Tips to Prevent Emergency Extractions

Imagine this.
You are going about a usual day of work. Everything is going well. You are making progress on your target for the day and nothing seems to be stopping you.

Things are good. Even the very idea is enough to keep you grinning the whole day.

But that is when it strikes.

You have a sudden ache in your tooth, which is so bad that you have to run to an emergency dentist.

The dentist does a thorough check up on you, but the verdict that you get is something that you weren’t expecting in the slightest.

You have to get emergency extractions, it is certainly no fun.

The day turns from a bundle of glee to a box full of nervousness. The emergency dentist assures you that even though the dental extractions are being done due to tooth decay, they will be done carefully and you could get dental implants afterwards. But knowing that you could have prevented this just leaves you feeling gloomy. emergency extractions

In order to make sure that you do not put yourself through such a situation, follow these tips to maintain your dental hygiene to the best of your ability.


Make Sure to Stay Away from Soda

It is not just a myth, but a fact that soda or carbonated drinks can contribute to tooth decay, which could lead to emergency extractions, dental crowns, and dental root canals among other medical procedures.

Thus, get that soda out of your diet and replace it with a healthier alternative. If you have to consume sugar, make sure that you clean your teeth afterwards.


Minimize the Intake of Citrus Based Foods

While soda is high in sugar content, citrus is high in acidity. Whether you have just munched on an orange or two or have just gotten done with a glass of lemonade, make sure that you at least rinse your mouth with water afterwards so the acidic content doesn’t hurt your teeth.

Citrus is high in vitamin C, so do not take it out of your diet altogether. But taking would be necessary if you want your teeth to shine for a long time.


Stay Away from Candy Bars

Candy bars can be the Achilles’ heel for many of us. No matter how health conscious we can try to be, a good taste of a milk chocolate is enough to lure anyone to the dark side.

But since candy bars do not really provide any health benefits, make sure that you minimize their intake or eradicate them from your diet altogether. And ensure to clean your teeth thoroughly the day you do give in to a candy bar.


Don’t Take Kindly to Ice

Some of us have the habit to chew on ice chips especially during the summer. Newsflash: it can be really bad for your teeth.

While ice doesn’t contain any sort of citrus, sugar or candy content, its hard form can be detrimental to your teeth. The habit of chewing ice can result in broken, chipped, or damaged enamel. Thus, whatever you do, keep it away from your pearly whites to keep them intact.


Have Regular Dental Checkups to Avoid Emergency Extractions

Most of the time, emergency extractions do not happen out of nowhere and have months or years of tooth decay behind them. Therefore, ensure to consult with dental clinic Memphis citizens have come to trust, and make it a habit to have regular visits at a dental clinic such as the Wohrman Dental Group.

Doing so will ensure that you are aware of any red flags. This way, you can address them in a timely manner before they become too problematic and cause you to end up having emergency extractions.

Custom Garages, Bathroom Remodeling, Landscaping – The Different Ways to Increase Your House’s Value

Whenever you are about to move to a new location, selling your current house is one of the most stressful processes that you could go through.

You start getting offers that are way lower than your expectations, to the point where they are downright unrealistic.

The lower price could be cited due to the structure’s age, design or any other contributing factor. However, as long as you have a house that you have maintained with love and utmost care, there’s no reason why you should be denied the value you expect out of it.

In fact, you should aim to get the most out of it. After all, moving to a new place isn’t easy. You have expenses to meet, and the new house you are about to get won’t come cheap by itself.

Fortunately, renovations such as custom garages, bathroom remodeling, and landscaping can all help you drive up the value of your house by a significant margin.


Custom Garages

Custom garages add a sense of personalization to the otherwise conventional exterior of most homes. With that, they can also act as an extension to your existing structure without looking out of place. You may add the space for an additional car or simply make room for your DIY hobbies – it’s all up to your discretion. custom garage builders


If your current lot would allow you to add structures such as detached garages, then that can act as the cherry on top.
With extra space and functionality to boot, it won’t be incorrect to say that custom garages have become one of the most successful ways to drive up the value on your home appraisal.

However, whenever you are looking into this space, make sure that you only hire licensed garage contractors as your custom garage builders. Doing so cannot only help you achieve the results you require, but can also save you lots of costs and time due to the professionalism that an experienced garage builder would bring to the table.

Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom remodeling can also drive up the value of your house in a significant manner. It does not only enhance the look of one of the most private yet most sought after sanctuaries in a house, but also adds a certain level of comfort based upon your design choices.

With multi shower head systems, automated water heaters, and bath tubs with ergonomic support, you can add a lot of features to your existing bathroom.

And if you or your contractor know how to play with colors to make the room pop in a positive manner, then that is only going to add to your efforts.

However, make sure that only an experienced contractor is doing the job for you, since that once again can save you from a world of pain.


When was the last time you actually wanted to admire at a house that had leaves strewn all over its unkempt yard, with non-attractive shrubs and a lack of flowerbeds completing the look?

Can’t remember? Neither can we.

An unkempt yard does not only look bad, but it can be detrimental to the value of your house as well. Therefore, landscaping is also considered as one of the surefire ways to help you fetch a higher price for your house.

Here, you can also take a bit of liberty in terms of design and discuss the options with your local gardener. Since your goal is to beautify your house’s exterior, make sure to use a lot of color if that could go with the exterior design of your house’s structure.

By doing these easy renovations, you can make sure to get a higher value on your home appraisal.

Roof Installation in the Paleolithic Era

We never think about roof installation and its importance. We don’t need to, it’s usually taken care of for us by the homebuilder, or a roofing contractor whenever we need to employ such services. We already have to worry about a host of other items, we don’t want to worry about any additional aspects if it doesn’t enhance our pleasure or guarantee some sort of gain in some form or fashion.roof installation

But a proper roof installation is, indeed, important, just because we take it for granted does not mean that it loses its value to us, it just means that we don’t really recognize its value as much as we should.

Our roof gives us shelter from the storm, from the hail and from pesky critters that may come our way. It helps us to keep the snow and the rain outside, allowing us to rest peacefully inside, giving us the opportunity to install electronics and TVs without the worry of rain damage. We can watch Game of Thrones,  The Ozarks, Parks and Recreation, and other shows without any worry.

All because we have a proper roof installation that covers our home and gives us the shelter we need to escape and be safe from external damages. Life wasn’t always as grand as we have it today, we didn’t have the structures that we have today and the roofing repair specialists that we have today. Life was a bit tougher back in the day.

Let’s take a quick look at the progression of roof installation over the course of the many centuries that human beings have been in existence.

A proper roof installation just makes life that much better.

Roof Installation in The Paleolithic Era

As we noted earlier, a roof installation provides one with the lack of concern for the potential damages that can take place by the weather, one can rest soundly knowing that they won’t wake up to a wet bed due to the rain. The shelter and protection a roof provides is very important, it makes life much easier for families and individuals all throughout the world.

Let’s hop on our roof installation time train and turn the clock back all the way back. Back for Caesar, back before Muhammad, and even further back before ancient cities such as the Babylonians.

Let’s go all the way back to the Paleolithic Era, we’ve just went all the way back, more than two million years ago. The Paleolithic era is an interesting time, it was called the Old Stone Age, this is where we saw the first type of advanced tools made from stones. These tools were very basic, but they showed progress. In this time period, humans still gathered food and still had to fight every day for survival, the fight wasn’t necessarily against other homo sapiens but against the forces of nature. Homo Sapiens had to continue to learn how to best catch wild animals, how to pick out the right berries and fruits, and forage for nuts. If there were located near streams of water, they had to learn how to fish and do all of these activities in a safe manner.

Their form of roof installation was very simple, they would live in a cave, they would fortify their caves with materials which they sourced from the forests and lands near them. They would use leaves, materials from trees and even the hide of animals to create a proper fortification. There was no gutter installation, no roofing repair. It was just simple living, which is in stark contrast to what we have now.

Which makes us appreciate the time that we are born in, otherwise we wouldn’t be communicating through these words at your screen at the moment.

Rhythmic Gymnastics – The Harmonious Side of the Popular Sport

She’s not nervous, she’s been practicing and training for this for a long time now. She’s finally in the spotlight, everything is ready, the music, the crowds, the judges and the space. She’s excited but calm, she’s a professional gymnastics expert, she doesn’t let the crowd or anything else for that matter faze her. She’s trained her body and her mind throughout these past few years, she’s taken on many challenges to get to where she is today. She is proud of that fact and she is striving to take home the gold.gymnastics classes

She’s paid attention to her appearance, she has appropriate makeup on, he face shines, not too brightly, just right. Her leotard is elegant, it embraces her slender body.

The music starts to play, she moves along with it. Within the span of a few minutes she has done her task. She is confident that she nailed the routine. She moves on, ready to face the next challenge.

She’s sure that she won. Rhythmic gymnastics is her sport, many might not know about it and appreciate it, but she does and she is proud of her accomplishments and her training.


Have You Heard of Rhythmic Gymnastics?

If you haven’t heard of rhythmic gymnastics , it is definitely one of the types of gymnastics you want to hear about. It is an interesting and fascinating sport. This is one segment of gymnastics that is exclusive to women. That’s right, women are the ones who are able to take the lead in this sport and dazzle an audience with their prowess, strength, integrity and gymnastics acumen.

It is a fine activity indeed. It certainly requires a significant amount of gymnastics training and one must give strong devotion and commitment to this activity. It is for those who feel the music and are able to show that they are in tune with the varied sounds of life.

Let’s talk about one such gymnastics expert who participated in this segment of gymnastics, and who has the strength to inspire you and motivate you to continue to learn and grow in this sport, we guarantee it!


Margarita Mamun, A Gymnast You Should Know

Mamun was born in 1995. She is known for her participation in the individual rhythmic gymnastics. She is now retired but she has had an interesting career and just as much of an interesting story.

Mamun hails from Russia. Her father is from the Southern Asian nation of Bangladesh, while her mother is Russian.

One of her parents were involved in gymnastics, can you guess which one? If you guessed that it was her mother, then you are spot on.

Mamun trained through rigorous gymnastics classes and then made it to the Olympics. She was a gymnastics champion.

However, Mamun retired at the young age of 22! She must have felt that she accomplished what she started out to do and didn’t need to proceed further on this this particular aspect of her life.

It is after all, a grueling life. One must conduct rigorous training and be able to overcome the voice in their head that tells them no, that they cannot do it. However, those like Mamun who chase their dreams to achieve their goals leave a significant imprint on the world, that is cherished for years to come.

We can only congratulate Mamun for her success and for her commitment to gymnastics training as she progressed throughout her life. Taking inspiration from her, you can very well start looking into the aspect of rhythmic gymnastics yourself or seek out the help of a professional.