A day in the life of an insurance solutions specialist

Agency Software

One of the most exciting and unpredictable industries to work in is without a doubt the insurance business. The insurance business, by its very nature, is one that provides lots of surprises and new challenges because of its reliance on accidents or sudden, unpredictable events. This may make a person’s day to day life a little bit interesting to say the least. Here is a quick snapshot of what it might be like during a day in the live of an insurance solutions specialist.

7AM- The insurance solutions specialist gets up and makes a big breakfast to make sure they have enough energy for the day ahead. This might be eggs, toast and perhaps some fresh fruit and coffee. There is generally a lot of work to do in the mornings so it is good to have a balanced breakfast before digging into the day.

9AM- The insurance solutions specialist gets to the office where they will likely check their email and calendar so they can plan for the day ahead. Because of the fact that issues can come up so rapidly in the insurance industry, it is important not to procrastinate and have to big of a list of tasks that have not been handled. In the event that the agent needs to drop everything, it will force other tasks to fall by the wayside.

10:30AM The insurance solutions specialist might have their first meeting of the day to discuss agency software with a potential new client. In this meeting they might discuss the uses of agency software and the ways in which it might help with streamlining the process of lead generation and coordinating with other clients. These types of meetings are important for insurance solutions specialists because it helps them to build their roster of clients as well.

12PM- The insurance solutions specialist might take a client to lunch to talk about training opportunities for insurance agency software solutions. It is important for the insurance solutions specialist to make sure their client has access to tools and trainings to make the process easier for them and ensure that their experience is always efficient and effective.

1:30PM- The insurance solutions specialist will likely check email again and perhaps put out a few figurative fires. They also might spend a few hours on the phone with different clients to discuss claims for property or casualty insurance.

3:30PM- At this point in the day, the insurance solutions specialist might have an internal staff meeting to learn about new features of the software that they can then relay to their respective clients. Keeping up to date on technology and software is crucial because it keeps the business competitive and increases client confidence.

5PM- At the end of the day, the insurance solutions specialist will check their email and then head home for the evening, mentally preparing for any other issues that might come up overnight or early the next morning.

Since this is only a sample day, it must be mentioned that the unpredictability of this job means that the next day may be totally different. Even though it is unpredictable, it is certainly never boring.