4 Reasons to Look into Clear Bra Coating for Your Car

Whether you are a new car owner or have owned your own vehicle since a few years, you must have come across the terms paint protection film (PPF) and clear bra a few times by now.

Made out of thermoplastic urethane (TPU), clear bra is a flexible, protective coating that is installed over your car to protect it against minor abrasions and scratches. This makes sure that your car remains protected against such exposures underneath the coating.Clean Bra

If you haven’t installed clear bra coating over your car yet, here are a few reasons why you should look into it.



  1. It Offers Ample Protection Against Minor Scratches

Ever had a stone chip hit your car and leave a small scratch that you wish you could have avoided? Clear bra is the answer to those silent prayers.

The TPU material is soft enough to stretch over your car, but it is sturdy enough to protect it against minor scratches and small abrasions. This makes it ideal as a protective agent for your car through its every day drive. This way, you don’t have to regret not having any protection when your car gets a minor scratch the next time.

  1. It Is Easy to Clean and Maintain

Having clear bra over your car doesn’t make it harder to clean. In fact, it doesn’t change a thing from how you would clean your car otherwise. It remains easy to clean and maintain, while also providing you with the added protection that you seek.

This makes it a very convenient option for those who like to keep their car clean everyday while also wanting to protect it against exposure. If you are one such person, then clear bra is what you need.

  1. It Maintains Your Car’s Value Over the Years

You may think of PPF or clear bra as having a case over your phone but without the added hassle of hiding your car’s actual exteriors. The coating helps keep your car good as new over the years.

This means that whenever you are about to trade it in, you can simply take the clear bra coating off of it and provide it in optimal condition to your new buyer. This helps you maintain your car’s value and decreases the effects of cost depreciation due to its exterior.

  1. It Minimizes Maintenance Costs

Protection against minor scratches and abrasions also translates to minimal maintenance costs.

It’s because the less you have to visit the garage to tend to these minor issues such as small dent repair, the less you actually have to spend on your car’s exterior maintenance. That actually more than covers the cost of installing the clear bra by itself, since the material and its installation isn’t anywhere as expensive as you may think it may be.

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