Weekly Progress Report for November 4th, 2013

Act 1 is longer than I remembered. It’s taking me a while to read through the whole thing with an editors comb.

There is one change I should point out early. As I mentioned before, we’ve altering the structure of Acts 2 and 3 to have one fewer adventure. So the descriptions of what’s to come were altered to accommodate.

Hillary, our art director, and principle artist, took some time off to work on a Halloween costume, and thus made only minimal progress. I can only assume it was worth it, because I haven’t seen pictures of the costume.

That said, as I write this we are handing our freelancer assignments for character portraits.

In the meantime, here’s another of our new pregens:


The Stuntman

Following instructions piped through the car radio, the Stuntman drove her car over the wall of the studio lot where she was filming and dropped directly on top of a serial killer’s Prius. She found herself
suddenly looking for full-time employment, and the TPA happily obliged.

She can drive anything with wheels, and almost anything without. If you need to get somewhere in a hell of a hurry and don’t care about your paint job, the Stuntman will make it happen. She has also made the Cannonball run, twice, and competes in any legal or illegal racing she can find.