Wild Card Creator Lets You Import Your PDFs

I would be remiss if I didn’t draw your attention to the Wild Card Creator Kickstarter. WCC is a Savage Worlds character creator with a killer feature: it can import a PDF and extract all the edges, hindrances, gear, and other character information directly from the text. Plus it will come with all the content from Savage Worlds Deluxe.

Will Herrmann, the creator, has been asking all of us licensees for permission to import our PDFs, and the support has been overwhelming. Of course, we agreed, but so have at least 14 others, including Triple Ace Games and Reality Blurs.

Now, I imagine you’re pretty sick of Kickstarter proposals at this point. Seems like there’s a new one in the RPG field every hour. But, honestly, Wild Card Creator strikes me as far too useful to ignore. I hope you’ll at least check it out and spread the word.

You can learn more about the project at the Kicktarter page, or at Journeyman Games.