State of Apathy 2017

2011 was a great year for Apathy. We released our first Savage Worlds setting, Temporal Probability Agency, and were nominated for an Ennie award for our troubles.  We spent most of the year dolling out advice and working hard on our next TPA products (see below for more information).


The year brought great joy to our lives.  In March, I found out my wife was pregnant with our first child, a baby boy, later born on November 30th. Jack Hayes is a joy in my life and a wonderful time-sink, as I’m sure most parents can understand.

In May, Jeff was wed to his wonderful bride.  They’ve been married most of the year and are a great couple.  It was a fantastic wedding filled with drinks and memories and some unexpected news about Paul. He was also to have a son, who was to be born at the end of the year (he was only a wee bit late).

The Blog

For the coming year, we’ve considered our new families and responsibilities and are reassessing our commitments to our company. We are 100% committed to releasing Acts 2 and 3 of TPA: To Predict and Serve. As such, we have decided to focus our efforts exclusively on those products.  Which means that we will be backing off the blog.

Our plan for the foreseeable future is to focus on Apathy news, and only occasionally post other content when we feel we have something interesting to say. This means we will no longer be providing Savage Mondays or regular advice posts. Sad but true.  However, in a good faith attempt to keep you informed, I shall now turn this over to Jeff, who will give us an update on the current status of TPA.


Hey. Sorry we’ve been quiet lately. I’ve been hearing from you, our fans, a lot lately, asking what’s up with TPA. It’s been a while, and you deserve to know what’s up.

To be honest, none of us have been happy with the pace of TPA development lately. Infants, jobs, and training have been an unexpected barrier to progress. So, where are we and what can you expect?

We have a complete draft of five of the seven adventures for Acts 2 and 3. Of the two remaining, we scrapped one and started over, and the other has been a constant writing challenge for myself personally.

So, most of the adventures are ready for playtesting and revision, but that’s where we’re facing the greatest roadblocks, as we simply don’t have the ability run games regularly.

Art is progressing in-house, and as we revise each adventure, art will be turned over our freelancers.

What this all means is that progress will be slow until we’re better able to arrange our new lifestyles to the needs of running a business. I honestly can’t say when that will happen. All I can do is apologize for your frustration and beg for your patience.

Other Games

If you’ve been following Jeff’s Google+ posts, you’ll know that he has begun development on a setting called City of the Sixth. By development, though, I mean that a lot of ideas have been thrown around and notes have been taken.

Other setting ideas have also been discussed, but just know that no serious work on these will begin until Acts 2 and 3 of To Predict and Serve are near release.

I thank you for your wonderful support through 2011, and hope you’ll continue to follow our work through 2012 and beyond.