Savage Mondays – January 2, 2017

Each week we update you regarding everything Savage Worlds, including news from Pinnacle, the licensees, and the community, as well as the Forum Top Five.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone. We’re kicking off the new year like we always do with all the available Savage News. Of course as was Christmas and all not much to report, but we’re sure the news will pick up steam soon.

Savage Licenses

A Merry Krampus Christmas

Nevermet Press ended the year by continuing with their Krampus series. This year was a bit different in that they invited a blog carnival to help contribute to the stories. You can find the round up here.

Each year during the holidays Nevermet Press features artwork focused on Krampus, a troll-like demon who serves as Santa’s “bad cop” to punish naughty children. You can learn more about Krampus at Wikipedia, but the short of it is that Krampus is a myth with a rich history that carries on in parts of Eastern Europe to this day. Unfortunately, he’s been trumped by Lumps of Coal and Naughty Kids Lists in the United States. Where’s the fun in that?

Savage Insider Issue 3

Mysitcal Throne released their third issue of the quarterly Savage Insider. Focusing this time on all things horror. Given the time of the year it’s a bit fitting to play something… Chilling. Pick up the free ‘zine for the quickly becoming standard fare of comics, adventures, and previews.

Savage Insider Issue 3: What Lurks in the Shadows is a dark, gritty-themed issue with a look at the more horrific side of games. The pillar article Happily Scared is a lengthy discussion about what makes horror so appealing while Dangerous Magic introduces a grittier theme to your game’s magic mechanics.

What Lurks in the Shadows is a cross-genre horror issue with content covering modern, action, fantasy, and sci-fi horror. There are four, fully-developed Savage Worlds adventures to support all these horrific themes.

What Lurks in the Shadowsincludes:

  • 4 fleshed out adventures
  • 2 sets of alternate rules for incorporating horror
  • 2 general interest articles about horror
  • A preview of the upcoming Savage Worlds edition of Apocalypse Prevention, Inc.
  • Part 3 of the Crypt of the Crystal Lich fiction series
  • Part 3 of the Deadlands comic series The Kid

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